About Willistango

11391501_882236325182224_2061009539598453231_n‘Willis’ is Leo’s nickname for me and you’ll often hear him use it in classes, which makes people look very puzzled!

I’m a professional Teacher and Dancer of the improvised art form of the social Argentine Tango. Together with my partner, Leonardo Acosta, (Leo Fandango), we teach regular weekly classes under the name of Tango Fandango, mainly in the South of the UK.

I’ll be using this blog so that I can talk about and reflect on topics that are important to me – usually Tango! It’s better than using Facebook as very often interesting topics are raised and lost in the general chit chat!

Whilst my partner Leo has had a unique life in Tango so far, as he comes from a traditional Tango family in Buenos Aires, I am a relative newcomer at a mere 15 years! However, I have had an interesting Tango Journey myself and I think that I may be able to offer a different insight into some of the hot topics that are constantly being raised in the Tango community!

My intention is to be clear and present my viewpoint, I have no wish to offend anyone, but I’m also not afraid to speak my mind so perhaps you may not agree with all the things I have to say! At the very least, I hope to give you an interesting and alternative perspective from someone who loves Tango!

If you would like to know more about Tango then why not join us? Please visit our web site at http://www.tango-fandango.co.uk where you will find details of all our classes and dances!

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